Wildlife Trust unearths member’s film, ‘The Peregrine’

Changing times: many pairs now nest on tall buildings across the UK

Changing times: many pairs now nest on tall buildings across the UK

Well, peregrine fever really has struck here at the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust Office – (don’t worry, peregrines can’t catch it!).

We loved keeping an eye on the family’s progress last year but seeing them in such detail on the new cameras is breathtaking. I particularly love the view late in the afternoon as the sky becomes darker and you can see one of the adult birds peacefully watching the world go by with the bright lights of the city as his / her backdrop.

Whilst thinking about ways to promote the peregrine camera I remembered that we had a copy of an old cine film called simply ‘The Peregrine’ created back in the late 1960s or early 1970s by a Wildlife Trust member.

After a bit of rummaging through boxes I found the copy we have on DVD so I stuck it in my PC to see what it showed.  Whilst very much of its time in terms of the film quality and the style, what struck me most was the lengths that the filmmaker had had to go to capture footage of the birds. The opening sequence showed that the birds were occupying what you’d consider to be traditional peregrine territory. They were perched high on an inaccessible mountain ledge and the film also showed its maker scrambling over rocky outcrops to secure a decent vantage point. This set me thinking to how times had changed for the birds, with many pairs now making their nests on tall buildings across the UK. It also made me realise just how lucky we are here in Nottingham to have these wonderful birds right on our doorstep.

To complement the live cameras and regular blog we’ve just created a new factsheet about peregrines which can be downloaded from our website at www.nottinghamshirewildlife.org

Erin McDaid
Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

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