We are now accepting donations for birds of prey research

NTU Falcons - Image captured from the falcon cam

NTU falcon – Image captured on the falcon cam

Our falcon cam service is free and always will be. Nottingham Trent University is happy to cover the cost of the cameras, servers and staffing that make this project work. But, since we started broadcasting our falcons to a worldwide audience, we’ve had a few queries from people offering us donations. 

So we are excited to announce two long-term research projects that we plan to operate at the University. We are seeking public funding for these to further the cause of birds of prey in the UK. We are also seeking donations to aid the work of our partners in this project, the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.

NTU falcons - Three eggs in the snow (captured 28 March 2013)

NTU falcons – Three eggs in the snow (captured 28 March 2013)

You can donate to us through the NTU Alumni donations page and any money received will be split between the following:

Birds of prey DNA database

NTU Biosciences lecturer David Hughes is working on collating a DNA database aimed at protecting endangered birds of prey. He is doing this in association with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust (NWT) and Nottinghamshire Police to collate genetic fingerprints for peregrine falcons and goshawks.

Once formed, the database will be used to cross reference DNA samples collected by NWT officers and the police during investigations into suspected theft of chicks and eggs.

These DNA profiles will not only identify individual birds, but could also help in identifying their parents. In instances where eggs, chicks or droppings – which provide evidence of a bird having been present in an aviary – are found in suspicious circumstances, the DNA collected could point investigators to parent birds that are on the database. This evidence would help in dismissing any claims from suspects that the birds had been bred and reared in captivity.

Nesting success in peregrine falcons

Environmental Sciences lecturer Louise Gentle is investigating peregrine falcon nesting success. This will be measured by the number of chicks to fledge the nest, in relation to both behavioural and environmental factors.

This research will determine which factors are most important in determining a successful nesting period. Peregrine falcons will be monitored via the use of web cameras broadcasting from a number of nests across the UK including the one on NTU’s Newton building.

These findings will be useful for aiding the study of behavioural and evolutionary ecology in animals and it is hoped that they will also contribute towards the continued conservation of the peregrine falcon.

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust (NWT) is the county’s largest locally based conservation charity and has been working closely with Nottingham Trent University to protect the peregrine falcon nest on the Newton Building for many years. NWT works to protect all species and habitats across the county and advises a number of landowners about the protection of species such as the peregrine.

You can help by:

  • Making a Personal Donation – You can make a personal donation to support Birds of prey conservation projects by setting up a direct debit or making a single donation. Make a donation online now, or download a donation form to return by post. If you have any questions about making a personal donation (including the tax implications) then please email Stephen Knott, Alumni and Community Giving Officer.
  • Telling your Friends – If you have enjoyed viewing the falcon camera and reading this blog, please forward details to your friends so that they also have the opportunity to observe and support this important work.

If you have any further questions about these projects or the work of the Development and Alumni Relations Office please contact Stephen Knott, Alumni and Community Giving Officer via email or call +44 (0)115 848 8807.

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18 Responses to We are now accepting donations for birds of prey research

  1. Nick Brown says:

    Hi: The Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project (which began in 2006) will be happy to cooperate with your researchers and will be contacting them shortly.
    BTW, we now have two eggs and hope for a third tonight. The second egg was laid on Saturday evening. One of our blog commentators has calculated that, using the gaps between eggs in previous years, the third egg should be laid about 8 pm tonight (Monday)….we await developments!

    Nick Brown (Derbyshire Wildlife trust)


  2. jaredntu says:

    Hi Nick

    Fantastic news about your eggs! Fingers crossed for the third tonight then.

    Will be great to have your co-operation on the projects too.



  3. S says:

    Sounds of much commotion on the street below right now…many voices, whistles, human noise. Sounds like it’s right below the nest. Noisier than usual.


  4. SueAtt says:

    Beautiful picture of the falcon (presumably Mrs P) taken from the falcon cam and love the shot of Storm when he was about to be ringed last year – bless him, he looked terrified!
    I will be making a donation to the very worthwhile research programmes, and can’t wait for the arrival of 3 healthy chicks later this month.


  5. S says:

    A peregrine falcon flew RIGHT OVER my car windshield today!! XD


  6. SW says:

    Egg number 4 at Derby, around 3.30pm.


  7. Nick Brown says:

    Now both Nottingham and Derby nests are in the incubation phase, with not a lot happening for awhile, it does seem a good time to ask web cam viewers to consider donating. At Derby we have found that our supporters are very generous each summer – so I hope the same applies at Nottingham.
    Meanwhile there is one other thing that we are asking our supporters to do – and quite quickly too!
    You may have heard that the government is proposing to remove learning about climate change, sustainability and caring for nature out of the school curriculum. The Wildlife Trusts nationally are campaigning about this and asking for people to sign a consultation etc.
    If this is a subject that concerns you, please go to the link below and support the campaign:


    Thank you – but please be quick – the consultation ends on Tuesday 16th!

    Nick (Derbyshire Wildlife Trust)


  8. SW says:

    Just seen a youngster on the Derby cam, stream 2, along with falcon on nest and tiercel on the other side of the box, though after a moment or two the tiercel appeared to give chase, and the falcon briefly left the eggs to join in. Guess it was one of last year’s young! (Supported the campaign.)


  9. Peter Lee says:

    hi, don’t know if you got any of this on camera today but just after half five today a common buzzard flew over the site in nottingham and both adults took flight and saw it off. amazing scene, always makes me smile that very few people are aware of what goes on over their heads.,


  10. libby says:

    have we got 4 eggs now then?


  11. Nick says:

    What’s up with camera one? It is decidedly low res.


  12. S says:

    nice….Mrs. P on the nest, and Mr. P a few feet away on the ledge, softly talking to her. Just hanging out together, having a quiet night in. 🙂


  13. pamela says:

    just watching the cam and mum on nest dad just sitting watching the world go by and two pigeons landed and walked around the side of the building dad just looked at them what fun watching this going on


  14. tony says:

    just watched the changeover ,wow fantastic.


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