Training For Flight

This video was filmed on 7 June 2013

The falcons are creeping ever closer to their maiden flight by learning how to use their wings, although they’ve been perilously close to the edge! They’ve also been enjoying the warm weather with a lot of sunbathing and exploration, and getting very friendly with our camera equipment!

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21 Responses to Training For Flight

  1. julie says:

    Cannot believe that was only 10 days ago!!


  2. sue says:

    Delightful! Thank you SOOO much.
    This is the second year I have been watching the Peregrines and I cannot thank you all enough. It is truly a privilege.

    Thank you.


  3. A bit late with the news???They have flown.


  4. Lynn Pope says:

    What a great collection of footage, thank you NTU. I’m missing them so much already, I had spinal surgery 4 weeks ago so not yet had the chance to visit. Hopefully in the next week or so I’ll nip down with my camera.
    Thanks again for a great season and all that you do
    Lynn x


  5. Sue says:

    Great footage of very healthy chicks. Haven’t seen them for a few days now and wondered if we have missed them fledging …?


  6. Damian Taylor says:

    Eh? I’ve been watching them from outside the NTU building flying over the police station & Eon building for almost a week now.


  7. Pam Birley. says:

    Great snippets of video – thanks Jared. Makes me realise how much I am missing seeing them now but what a wonderful season it has been this year. Maybe some more nest boxes will be needed next year.


  8. Emma K says:

    Thanks for posting this – every time I have checked the webcam recently the babies have not been there and I feel like I have been missing out! Good to see them continuing to thrive! : )


  9. Sheena says:

    Brilliant and it made me smile at the memories and amazed me at how fast they grew. I miss seeing them already.


  10. chocolateeclaire says:

    What beautiful and amazing birds they are. I love the little bits of white fluff that remain on their heads at this age. There are some great video clips here. I particularly like the bit where Amelia or Gwendolen goes up on to the ledge next to Ernest and Ernest gets a shock, turns and looks and then seems to think “Oh, it’s you. What do you want?”

    Thanks so much for another brilliant video of highlights, NTU. And thank you for the many hours of joy we’ve all had over the past several weeks! I really can’t wait for next year!


  11. John.. says:


    maybe I’m being a (little) thick headed, but I don’t understand the reasoning behind you post (dated) June 17th about the chicks (Maiden Flight), because the chicks fledged over a week ago !! which means that the “Nesting Season” is over until next year … right ?? or am I missing something ??


  12. Tracy says:

    Simply stunning! This has been my first year of watching and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the whole family (my finger nails took a battering at some stages though!). It’s going to seem like a very long time until the next chicks arrive! Well done & thank you to all at NTU for the pictures, the updates and all the chasing around on the cameras!


  13. Laura Bradley says:

    Been great fun to watch the chicks grow and fledge. Also, wonderful to get a glimpse of home from so far awasy.


  14. barbara deane says:

    Who is that on the ledge at 1650? I cannot tell them apart now!

    To the whole NTU team and NWT of course, Many, many thanks for all your hard work over the last weeks and months that has enabled us to enjoy this wonder of nature!

    ROLL ON NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!


  15. Mel says:

    A big thank you to the team. It’s been wonderful seeing the chicks from hatching to fledging. Over the past 3 days I seen the odd chick flying on and off the ledge and I watched one of the girls feeding on the other ledge today. Any chance of one of you local watchers taking a video of the chicks in flight and posting the link here?


  16. SueAtt says:

    Is it my imagination or has the time from hatching to fledging gone twice as fast this year? I’m sure it hasn’t been any quicker than usual – it just seems that way. I bet some of us out here are beginning to suffer from empty nest syndrome once more and next year seems a long way off!

    Thankyou for the video highlights of our 3 not so little ones – very much appreciated 🙂 Will try and get over to NTU on Thursday for a spot of falcon spotting.


  17. Pam Birley says:

    I switched on to see one of the Peregrines feeding at the end of the ledge but it just seemed to collapse in an unusual way. I am concerned because it looks either injured with no strength or very very sleepy. I really hope that it is the latter. Can anyone who has been watching longer than me give any explanation of this rather unusual behaviour ???


  18. Clare says:

    Just been watching one of the chicks on the ledge, having a good old clean! Then he sat looking about for ten minutes, one of his/her siblings flew past and off he/she flew! (10:50am approx.) So pleased to see it take off 🙂


  19. SW says:

    Lovely series of clips, thanks. A privilege to watch.


  20. EJH says:

    Just been on the Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project as their young falcons are still at/near the nest. From their blog it seems that one of the fledglings took its first flight today. The other three are still on the ledge. So if you are missing the Nottingham ones you can still see the Derby ones for a few more days until they start flying. I have looked at the NTU site but always seem to miss them – no bird(s) there! One day I may see them flying overhead when I am in the city! Looking forward to next year.


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