Wonderful letter lands on doormat of Falcon HQ

The pupils' drawing of a peregrine falcon

The pupils’ drawing of a peregrine falcon

The most amazing piece of post arrived today. It seems that year one pupils at Brookside Primary School in Loughborough have been following our falcon family very closely indeed. They have sent us a beautiful seven page letter containing a diary they have created in class, which includes detailed information about the birds’ activities. It even has a lovely drawing of one of the adult falcons, along with a great photo they took of the adults feeding the four chicks shortly after they hatched. All the pupils have also handwritten their names.

The letter begins: ‘We are the year one class at Brookside Primary School. We have been very interested in observing the falcons and have been creating a diary about them. We had given them all names and are very sad three have died. We hope the last chick survives.’

Alongside days and times, the pupils have recorded important information in the diary such as ‘the eggs haven’t hatched yet, but they might hatch in a bit’ and ‘the daddy is getting the food and the mummy is sitting on the eggs’. One observant pupil wrote at 10am on April 24 that ‘the chicks have hatched and they are very cute’. Little pencil drawings of the chicks have been sketched alongside.

The letter has been read by everyone here at Falcon HQ and we have all been really impressed with the pupils’ hard work – the handwriting and the drawings are excellent and it’s obvious that a lot of time and effort has gone into this project.

So thank you once again, you’ve really brightened up our day, and we hope that you continue to watch the final chick grow until he is big and strong enough to leave the nest.

Dave Rogers
Nottingham Trent University

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25 Responses to Wonderful letter lands on doormat of Falcon HQ

  1. julie907 says:

    Makes it so worthwhile that our youngsters are being educated on these fabulous birds, well done To you all at Brookside Primary School 🙂


  2. PamUK says:

    Now that’s what I call education !!! Wonderful.


  3. SueAtt says:

    Thanks to Falcon HQ for sharing that with everyone. Absolutely brilliant – well done to Brookside Primary School! 🙂


  4. So good for children to get so involved. My own grandchildren have also been observing the ups and downs of falcon life with great interest.


  5. George William Newton says:

    Brookside? good name for the surviving chick eh!


    • daventu says:

      Email it in! You have until 5pm on Friday to get your naming suggestions through to us, they’ve been coming in thick and fast apparently 🙂


  6. julie907 says:

    Is the little dude gonna be ringed this year, and if so when, it must be soon surely, Chich were ringed yesterday 🙂


    • daventu says:

      Hi Julie – yes, ringing is scheduled to take place very soon! Keep an eye on the blog for an entry about the ringing process.


      • julie907 says:

        Cool, thanks Dave, I did begin to wonder with all the trauma in the past. The chich ones looked totally stunned after they were done bless em lol. Hope he/she fares ok


  7. Anne says:

    This has made my day, lovely to hear of children taking such an interest in wildlife. Very well done to Brookside Primary School. Would the school allow you to show some more of the children’s comments & pictures?


    • daventu says:

      It certainly made our day! I’m sure they would, the drawing of the peregrine reproduced the most clearly though (as they were originally done in pencil)


  8. Penny says:

    Well done to Brookside School and to everyone involved in letting us know about their wonderful letter – the little drawing of a Peregine Falcon is superb – love it!


  9. Stuart. Nottingham says:

    So good to know that so many youngsters are taking interest in the Peregrins progress and wild life in general, The drawing of the Peregrin was excelent well done Brookside


  10. Tony Watt says:

    Makes you feel warm inside.


  11. Ann Amos says:

    Well done to the children – Excellent that they care.


  12. Dina says:

    this is so awesome that I can view the chick’s progress from Upstate New York. A co-worker of mine sent me the link for the site as his daughter attends Nottingham University and she had sent the link to him. I love to watch the baby grow and his parents feed him. Thank you for giving everyone the opportunity to see this wonderful and beautiful event. It is wonderful that the children from Brookside School are able to track his progress as well. I look forward to seeing him learn to use his wings and fly from the nest box.


  13. Steve says:


    When the chick is ringed, can you move the static camera ever-so-slightly to the right? Little Jack spends a lot of time in his favorite front-right corner and the camera in its present location doesn’t show all of him.


    • daventu says:

      Hi Steve – not sure if that will be possible, but will definitely pass your comments on to the guys who look after the cam


  14. Sarah S. says:

    I see our young’un is up off those heels, looking very upright this morning.
    The rate of growth and development is astonishing.


  15. redtedng9 says:

    Well done to the pupils and staff at Brookside. Watching and learning about nature is something you can do and enjoy all of your lives, it is something that will never cease to amaze you.


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